Red Camaro ZL1 Stolen from Front of Larch Avenue Home

South San Francisco, Ca                                                                  December 7, 2015               

South City resident Chris Fernandez came out of his Larch Avenue home to find his car missing on Sunday December 6th. He has reported this to the police department and has also asked that we put a notice out asking for the public’s help in locating his vehicle.  The 2013 red Camaro ZL1 has black rims and black accents with license plate #7CPA049. Chris can be reached at 650/630.0794


There have been multiple car thefts in the Sterling Terrace neighborhood the past year and neighbors are encouraged to report anything suspicious to the SSFPD. If there is a concern in real time please call 911. If you have any information that you would like to share anonymously please leave a message on the SSFPD anonymous tipline at 952.2244


stolen car Larch 12.2015

Chris’ 2013 Camaro ZL1 was stolen from in front of his Larch Avenue home.

stolen car Larch 12.2015 1 stolen car Larch 12.2015 2


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