Campaign Papers for Measure W

South San Francisco, Ca    January 17, 2016   Submitted by Michael Harris

Preface: While the election is over and Measure W won by a large number, we appreciate Mr Harris’ sharing of the financial papers filed by the Measure W committee and are including them here for archived purposes. – Ed

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1 comment for “Campaign Papers for Measure W

  1. your neighbor
    January 17, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    It seems like the City was behind Measure W big time but they said it was the people pushing it, that ‘the people have spoken at the town halls’-blah blah…. yet, contributors and head of the committee on W were connected or doing business with at least one council appointed commissioner – Mark Nagales.

    The conclusion is, the city council was behind the tax increase and used its position to secure monetary donations. When the city council,staff, unfairly use their positions instead of remaining neutral it is especially troubling.

    And no, the measure did not garner even 60% vote, or 2/3 of the vote. It passed by the lowest threshold – simple majority. It is a fallacy to say it passed by ‘a large number’. The council had polling that said it would not pass and the city set out on a campaign to politicize reasons to pass it none of which had to do with need, but to fan the flames of fear in the community. Lending the W committee money using the people’s representatives even city staff (the city manager’s wife on social media) against the paltry sum who voted,barely 3,500 voted for Measure W, out of 67K residents and 25K registered voters. That is not a resounding win. Rather, it is a resounding defeat of local government to represent the best interests of all the community.

    Sleazy is the best way to describe the passing of Measure W.

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