Mike’s Musings: Buri Buri School Construction Concerns Continue

South San Francisco, CA                    January 16, 2016                             Submitted by Michael Harris

Buri Buri School construction has been a nightmare to most neighbors in the area. Photo by Del Monte neighbor

Buri Buri School construction has been a nightmare to most neighbors in the area.
Photo by Del Monte neighbor

Salom Samad (SSF City Engineer) promised the drain pipe problem with Buri Buri storm water runoff pipes that do not connect between the school & the large round drain at the bottom the gully would be fixed by the contractor before the contractor left the project. I can point out the approximate area if I stand by the trees looking down toward the gully.

These pipes are partially built on resident owned slopes.
The ~ 24″ diameter pipes never lined up. If the pipes are not connected, when the patch fails, dirt will flow into the city storm drain system.
This includes the slopes owned by residents on Southcliffe Drive. If the hill collapses, then the house integrity could be damaged.
We have already seen this problem near the SSF BART Station with a home that was damaged.
Salom also promised to remedy the classroom light problem.
The new LED lights are all 4000K color temperature.
This light is very bad for a person’s eyesight.
It can also cause Migraine headaches.
Salom promised the trees on El Campo would be cut down at the end of the project.
These trees are also now shedding their pine needles, which go into the storm drains.
Salom promised to cut down or trim the trees blocking the new solar panels.
I cannot see the panels or report vandalism to the panels.
The panels have already been vandalized.
Salom assured me the fences would be restored. I wanted all the Buri Buri property which is now outside the fence reclaimed by the school.
This will make it easier for residents to maintain their own back slopes on Alta Mesa and Southcliffe Drives.
Salom never promised this would be properly fixed.
SSFUSD had the site surveyed before the construction began. I believe Jeff Bonner accomplished this.
I hope Jeff still has the survey so the property can be marked again.
I do not remember Jeff to remember everything that happened as there was so much over many years.
I hereby request SSFUSD & SSF resolve these ongoing problems soonest.
Code Enforcement should inspect this area, including using a camera up from the bottom of the slope.
This collapsing drain & ensuing dirt flowing into city storm drains could be expensive to remedy.
This could also get the city fined by the State or Federal authorities, when the District caused the problems.
SSFUSD Board President Judy Bush & Michael Krauss visited the construction site & will probably remember some of the problems.
I do not expect them to remember all the problems in this area.
The LED street light at El Campo and Del Monte needs to be brighter. A 53 & 91 watt head should both be tried.
Michael Harris has a long time following to his regular musings on life and he has granted Everything South City the privilege to share his writings with our followers. Harris was in the first graduating class from El Camino High School in 1964.  He further served in the military during the Vietnam Era and also in Desert Storm. His life experience includes; USNR Radioman, USMM Radio Officer, Auto Mechanic. He has earned a MS in Statistics, BS in Statistics, BA in Psychology, a Minor in Anthropology, AA CSM. He qualified for his Ham Radio license in 1960 and  received his first set of tools Christmas 1951 and has been interested in electronics since 1953. Harris resides in South City in the home his parents bought in June 1959. He offers an interesting perspective on a variety of subjects.



2 comments for “Mike’s Musings: Buri Buri School Construction Concerns Continue

  1. Editor
    January 18, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    UPDATE: Response to Mr Harris

    Thank you for your concerns. The District takes safety very seriously. Although Mr. Samad is no longer working with the district, other staff will carry on the construction operations. Mr. Bonner and his staff are working diligently every day to remedy any issues made known. The District always appreciates your emails and the information they provide to staff.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Michael Krause
    Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
    South San Francisco Unified School District
    Office: 650-877-8702
    Cell: 650-784-1720

  2. Editor
    January 18, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    UPDATE: Response to Mr Harris

    Yes, I echo Mr. Krause’s sentiments. We will look into the information you’ve shared and thank you again for bringing your concerns to our attention.

    We are committed to working with the City of SSF in all matters where we have shared interests.

    Thank you and Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

    Dr. Shawnterra Moore
    (650) 877-8705

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