SSFPD Media Release: Residential Burglaries Continuing to be Reported

South San Francisco, CA          January 11, 2016      Submitted by SSFPD  SSFPD logo color

Throughout the past several month s, numerous cities along the San Francisco Peninsula have experienced a significant increase of residential burglaries in  many of their neighborhoods. Although joint  efforts by many law enforcement agencies and community members  have led to the apprehension of several responsible individuals, the trend appears to be continuing.


Between January 5, 2016 and January 10, 2016, the City of South San Francisco police have investigated four separate residential burglaries that have occurred in the Buri Buri neighborhood. The method of the burglaries appear to be consistent with those in the past, whereas the person(s) responsible are forcing entry through the rear of the homes, ransacking the interiors, and fleeing with valuables.


The time frames of the reported burglaries have ranged throughout the days, evenings, and nights and there is no suspect information at this time. Although law enforcement is actively seeking out and arresting individuals for these crimes, while conducting numerous undercover operations and patrols, residents are encouraged to remain vigilant in reporting any suspicious behavior they see in their neighborhoods. Residents are also encouraged to take additional measures in keeping their homes and property secure. Crime prevention tips can be located on the South San Francisco Police Department website at: www.ssf. net/308/Crime-Prevention


Anyone with any information is encouraged to call 9-1-1 , if they are witnessing something actively occurring. Otherwise you can all the South San Francisco Police Department at 650-877-8900 and or the anonymous TIP line at 650-952-2244.


UPDATE: In response to questions posted on our fb pg

*Del Monte, Chico Court, Serra Drive, Clara Ave. are the reported streets that were hit by burglars above

*Mainstream news media has reported on this and KRON link can be found CLICK HERE

*One suspect has been arrested a 100k warrant for his suspected involvement on Dec 10th….he was arrested on Dec 21st.

*Other Cities on the Peninsula have also witnessed a spike in crime.


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Bill Demeter
Bill Demeter
7 years ago

As many residents have complained for years – we can’t “report” what we can’t see due to the ineffective street lighting provided by SSF! We complain…they listen attentively and do NOTHING!