Street Light Pilot Program Launched in West Winston Manor: City requests feedback

South San Francisco, Ca   January 25, 2016  Submitted by Cindy Alger, West Winston Community Association

The City is conducting a pilot study with alternate lighting to address resident’s concerns regarding the West Winston Manor neighborhood.

The pilot study consists of installing three different types of lights: alternative distribution lights, higher wattage lights, or a combination of higher wattage and different distribution lights on the following streets as part of a two-month study:
Norwich Drive – test light A*
Clifden Drive – test light B*
Mansfield Drive – test light C*
Wicklow Drive – test light D*
*Please note: this is intended to be a blind test so there are no preconceived perceptions on the lighting being tested.

Each street light pole associated with this pilot will have a sign attached indicating which test light is installed, along with contact information for providing feedback. Comments regarding the pilot study can be sent to the city CLICK HERE. You can also call the City at (650) 877-8550 with questions and comments.

Neighbors are encouraged to observe the lighting on all of these streets and provide feedback to the City.

Feedback from the community will assist the City in the development of an appropriate solution to street lighting concerns in South San Francisco.

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Victoria Manning
Victoria Manning
5 years ago

Several other neighborhoods are very dark now with the new conversion streetlights. The City needs to go to a better light, not just in the Winston Manor area, but, all residential neighborhoods.