Who Would be Your Choice For SSFUSD Trustee Appointment?

South San Francisco, CA   January 19, 2016      survey2

Out of our 6 School Board Trustee candidates, who would YOU vote for? Take our survey NOW!
SSFUSD Board Trustees hold an elected position except when the need arises for the Board to appoint a Trustee to complete the term of a former Trustee, as is the case our District has been facing with 2 open seats.

John Baker has been appointed to fill one seat and the current sitting board (Judy Bush, Patrick Lucy, Rosa Accosta) will appoint the final open position. The appointed Trustees will need to run for election when their term expires yet we know incumbents hold more weight than unseated candidates – so….. who would win your vote for this last seat if this were an election?

This survey is strictly informational and holds no merit for the current board’s appointment.

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Candidates currently include:

Kristina Anderson, April Black, Daina Lujan, Patricia “Pat” Murray, Reem Nasrah, and William Martin “Marty” Romero.

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