End Medical Insurance Confusion With Help From Consumer Affairs

South San Francisco, CA   February 26, 2016  Submitted by Danielle Thompson, Consumer Affairs

While no one plans to get sick or hurt, most people will need medical care at some point. Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs.

Nearly 90% of Americans now have health insurance making health care a $3.0 trillion industry. With wider availability comes a myriad of options — HMOs, PPOs and EPOs, among others. But which is best? While there is no simple answer, the ConsumerAffairs’ research team developed a comprehensive guide to help.

Here are a few factors that our guide uses when helping consumers decide:
What features matter most: Out of Pocket Expenses? Deductibles?
What are the different types of health insurance?
Verified Consumer Reviews for the top consumer researched companies

You can view this free resource in it’s entirety CLICK HERE



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