Fortune Names Genentech Top 100 Places to Work 18 Years Straight!

South San Francisco, CA     March 3, 2016     Re-broadcast from

Forty-year-old biotech firm surveyed employees before breaking ground on a new 68,000 square-foot employee center. Among the suggested features to be included: a farmers market, beauty spa, pool tables, massage chairs, televisions, a fitness center with saunas and steam rooms, a primary and urgent care clinic, and a career development hub. Workers enjoy on-campus amenities like nap pods, a new coffee bar, and a cafeteria with Indian and vegan cuisine. Genentech offers a bike storage room and lockers and showers, and pays cyclists $12 each day they commute.

Company Info
Rank last year 9
# of years on list 18
Industry Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Year founded 1976
CEO/Top executive Ian Clark
HQ location South San Francisco, California
Type of organization Private, Subsidiary
Revenue (2015 or most recent year) $17.3 billion
Web address
Total U.S. employees 13,704
Total employees outside the U.S. 16
Full-time jobs added in last year 813
FT job growth in the past year 6%
Number of work sites 12
Company pays for 100% of healthcare costs
Offers health insurance to part-timers
Offers telecommuting
Offers job sharing
Offers onsite childcare
Offers compressed work weeks
Offers fully-paid sabbaticals
Onsite fitness center
Discounted gym memberships
Onsite medical care facility
Location of medical facility Headquarters and some locations
Offers college tuition reimbursement
Max tuition $10,000
Offers paid time off for volunteering
Max PTO for volunteering –
% Women 52
% Minorities 46
% African-American/Black 3.9
% Asian 31.9
% Caucasian/White 53.4
% Hispanic/Latino 8.1
% Native American/Alaska Native 0.3
% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.4
% Two or more races 1.6
Same-sex benefits
Non-discrimination policy
Paid Time Off (FT employees)
Holidays 14
Vacation 18
Sick days Unlimited
General PTO –
Total PTO after 5 years 36
Most common job (for salaried employee) Senior Clinical Specialist
Avg. base pay (salaried) $140486.00
Avg. extra compensation (salaried) $45000.00
Total pay (salaried position) $185486.00
Most common job (for hourly employee) Senior Manufacturing Technician – BioProcess
Avg. base pay (hourly) $55723.00
Avg. extra compensation (hourly) $5572.00
Total pay (hourly position) $61295.00
# of job openings (as of Feb. 2016) 1000
# of job applicants 247,818
Avg. # of applicants per opening 62
FT voluntary turnover 4%
# of jobs filled 3,231
Jobs filled internally 1,463
% of jobs filled by referral 38%
# new graduates hired 42
Avg. hours of training per year (for salaried employee) 50
Avg. hours of training per year (for hourly employee) 40



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