It’s Friday Night- Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

South San Francisco,  CA    March 26, 2016tumblr_inline_nm7a3tYaqA1rjfxy8_500

Last evening a South City resident posted a very important message to our community on our Facebook page which we are sharing below. It brings up important talking points and we hope you continue this conversation with your children, especially your teens. And we thank our neighbor for looking out and for bringing this the attention of us all.

South City, do you know where your kids are? Group of 20-30 teens drinking at Alta Loma baseball field, smoking pot and ripped up and killed a tree. This is around 8pm. Cops came and they ran.

And in Millbrae at 9:30 I witnessed a shooting at the Sky High Sports play center… They shot into the building full of kids for a party. This is our community, it’s kids ripping up trees that turn into kids shooting into a business. Why? Just because they can. My friend has heart problems and she passed out, thankfully no one was shot, but this is not okay. Talk to your family….

Also, I approve of smoking pot after a certain age. If you’re going to talk to your kids about pot, tell them how it hurts your brain if you smoke before you are done developing (which most kids don’t know until it’s too late) . After that it can be beneficial, but it’s been proven smoking at a young age is bad. That’s all I’ve got to say.

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