UPDATED: Parent Reports Possible Attempted Kidnapping

South San Francisco, CA     March 19, 2016      Submitted by Ms. Gomez

My daughter Bella was walking home just an hour ago and 2 men tried to throw her in the car. Here in SSF. So if you have a daughter make sure she’s home!!!!!! Red old car, 6 foot male with khaki pants and a black hoody and blue eyes. Other man had a cap with a hoody over the cap. So if u see anything like this get license plate no# and call the police!! We already gave a report to the police we wouldn’t want it happen to anyone else…Please be aware!!!!! EVERYONE PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!


Further reports state this happened near 1st Lane around 7:30pm and the young lady is 17 years old. Everything South City has contacted SSFPD to get an official report.



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