Rain Barrels Keep the Liquid Gold from Floating Down the Streets

South San Francisco, CA     March 11, 2016        Contributed in party by   Leonard Eng 

As we celebrate the much needed rain, there is that sinking feeling as we watch the liquid gold just floating down the street and into the SF Bay at the time we are conserving this valuable resource. South City neighbor Leonard Eng saw the problem and shared his solution with us all.

Part 1 Photo: Leonard Eng

Part 1
Photo: Leonard Eng

Part 3 Photo: Leonard Eng

Part 3
Photo: Leonard Eng


“Save water, before this next storm hits just need 3 things to start saving on water” writes Eng.

Part 1: Purchase a CATCH A RAINDROP from a local hardware store

Part 2: Attached any hose to the CATCHA A RAINDROP (see youtube on how to install)

Part 3: Use 32 or 55 gal barrels which can be found at local hardware stores or craigslist. Rubbermaid trash cans also can work.

Now y0u have non-potable water to be used for your yards & outdoor uses (not for drinking)

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Peggy Deras
Peggy Deras
6 years ago

I have a large, raised deck at the rear of my house. I’ve long been looking at ways to store water under that deck. Seems like all of the possibilities are in the fives of thousands of $. Any suggestions?