SSF City Manager and Chief of Police to Host Informal Coffee Chat March 31st at Philz in Westborough 6-7pm

South San Francisco, CA                 March 10, 2016                 Submitted by Leslie Arroyo, City of South San Francisco 

Have a question or something you’d like to share with our City Manager Mike Futrell or our Police Chief Jeff Azzopardi?  Curious to see what other concerns local neighbors might share in an informal environment? If so, mark your calendar for Thursday March 31st from 6-7pm up at Philz Coffee in Westborough Shopping Square where Futrell and the Chief will be available in an continued effort reaching out to our community. Please share this event information with others in your contacts.

No RSVP required yet if more information is needed/wanted please contact or by phone at 650/ 829.6603

Coffee Talk CM and Police March 2016-page-001


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Gianni G
Gianni G
6 years ago

As a life long community member of South San Francisco I’d like to say I appreciate the effort being put forth by my city representatives towards community outreach. Maybe Ill stop by order myself some coffee and share a concern or two.