SSFPD Media Release: Felony DUI Traffic Collision & Arrest / DUI Repeat Offender

South San Francisco, CA    March 21, 2016     Submitted by SSFPD   SSFPD logo color

On 03-19-16 at about 1810 hours, South San Francisco Police and South San Francisco Fire personnel were dispatched on a report of an injury traffic collision on Miller Avenue at Acacia Avenue. Upon arrival, officers and fire personnel found that two vehicles had collided in the intersection.


The driver of one vehicle was identified as 24 year-old (S) Stephen Raymond Alonzo of South San Francisco. Alonzo was uninjured in the collision. A passenger in Alonzo’s car sustained a minor injury. The driver of the other vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported by Fire Department paramedics to a local hospital.


The subsequent police investigation found that (S) Alonzo had been driving his vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Alonzo was at fault for causing the traffic collision when he ran a stop sign. Alonzo was also found to be driving without a driver’s license. Alonzo was arrested for 23153(a) VC (felony DUI) and for 12500(a) VC (driving without a license). Alonzo was booked into the main jail on the aforementioned charges.


Alonzo is a repeat DUI offender who, within the last 10 years, has two prior misdemeanor DUI convictions and one prior felony DUI conviction. Alonzo additionally has four convictions within the last seven years for driving on a suspended license. Alonzo is currently on the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and South San Francisco Police “DUI Hot List” as a result of his prior convictions.


The South San Francisco Police Department actively tracks DUI offenders with multiple convictions and suspended licenses through the DUI Hot List program. All offenders on the list are contacted and advised of their status. The DUI Hot List offenders’ information is regularly disseminated to traffic and patrol officers. Throughout the year at various times, officers conduct undercover surveillance operations watching DUI Hot List offenders’ homes and/or work-places to see if they will violate the law and drive their vehicle(s). If any violations are observed, subjects are immediately placed under arrest and their vehicles are subject to impoundment and/or permanent forfeiture.


South San Francisco takes DUI very seriously. If anyone suspects a drunk or drug-impaired driver they are encouraged to call 9-1-1 to report it.


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