SSFUSD Board Makes Moves to Facilitate Construction Work

South San Francisco, CA    March 29, 2016  Submitted by John Horgan, SSFUSD SSFUSD logo color

The South San Francisco Unified School District Board of Trustees has made several significant decisions regarding construction projects at District school sites.

The moves, designed to facilitate work as the District transitions to a new contracting system, were approved during the Board’s meeting on March 24. The decisions include:

  • Priority will be given to finishing construction which has already begun.
  • Short-term projects involving student and staff safety will be undertaken as soon as possible.
  • Smaller projects that will allow work to proceed on impacted sites will be given priority.
  • The use of a current modular building system will be continued.
  • An in-house construction manager will continue to be sought.
  • The District will utilize multiple contractors instead of a single contractor as had been done in the past.

The aim of the Board’s decisions is to continue its efforts to utilize taxpayer-approved Measure J construction bond funds efficiently and in an expeditious manner.


For more ESC info on Measure J CLICK HERE

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