Update from City of South San Francisco on BART Transit Village in Sunshine Gardens & Ornellas Edgewood Property

South San Francisco, CA      March 19, 2016    by City of South San Francisco 

This 1.7 acre site will be home to 35 townhomes with 7 units reserved for moderate-income households.

This 1.7 acre site will be home to 35 townhomes with 7 units reserved for moderate-income households.

PREFACE: Our March 3rd update of this development included month old communication from the City of South San Francisco and this recent share from the City is greatly appreciated, although sources close to this development question the content. All parties agree the initial response by the City swift, needed, and appreciated. 

1256 Mission Updated:
The developer, City Ventures, began initial grading and site work in late 2015 – however the project was paused for an extended period of time due to a construction incident on November 26, 2015. The retaining wall of an adjacent house (1243 Edgewood) failed and most of the side yard collapsed. The City responded immediately, stopped construction at the site, and red-tagged the home.

In December 2015 and early January 2016, City Ventures worked to structurally reinforce and secure the house.
Work was completed in early January, and the homeowners were allowed to return to their house.
The next step is for the developer to rebuild the retaining wall and restore the side yard. However, before work can continue safely on the retaining wall, it was determined that additional shoring work is needed to protect construction workers.
This additional shoring is currently being built.
Once it is finished, work can continue on the retaining wall.
Plans for the retaining wall were submitted and approved, and construction on the retaining wall will start as soon as the shoring work is complete (within the next month, weather permitting).

Throughout this process, the City’s role has been to make sure City Ventures is complying with the “Conditions of Approval” for their project and that they are carrying out the project in a safe manner. When the construction incident happened, the City acted immediately to stop all construction until the City’s safety concerns were fully addressed. Once the developer complied with all of the City’s requirements, the City was obliged to allow the project to proceed.

The project is anticipated to be completed in early 2017.

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