Drunk Monkey Art Production and Luna Tech Design Presents ‘Industrial Art’ Show at Antigua Cafe May 6th

South San Francisco, CA   April 24, 2016

drunk monkey

Drunk Monkey Art Production and Luna Tech Design will be presenting their work at Antigua Cafe, 437 Grand Avenue, on May 6th.

The event will begin at 7pm and ends at 10pm

You need to be there!


Meet The Entertainers

Manuel Jiménez, a long time South City resident is founder of Drunk Monkey Art Productions, and Lizzie Luna heads up Luna Tech Art Design, along with Mario Guitran, aka Fats the Elder, and up and coming artist Alyssa Koszis, together will be featured in a show called “Industrial Art”, a combination of art pieces and performing art live. Drunk Monkey Art Productions is an open door art and entertainment media collaboration featuring orignal art, writing, video and music



by Manuel Jimenez

by Manuel Jimenez

Manuel Jimenez

Raised and attended school in South San Francisco, including Parkway Heights Middle School and El Camino High School. My background is primarily in 2D illustration and over the past three year I have transitioned into painting, sculpting and photography. I am mostly self taught through observing other artists work and experimenting with various mediums.

Recently I started my own art production company  (Drunk Monkey Art Productions) focusing on mixed media art ranging from traditional art to art expressed through performance, video and writing. Some of my current projects include experimenting with combining sculpture with paint on canvas, an original graphic novel titled “Undead World” and creating clothing and apparel inspired by my art & original characters.





Fats the Elder

by Fats the Elder


Fats the Elder

Formerly known as MGer, FATStheELDER is an evolution and well, a name change lol. Sometimes you gotta switch it up and keep it fresh. #supportlocalart I love art. I love to create. I love art. I love to reinvent myself. I love art. I love to learn. i love art. I love to improve. I love art. I love art…Revamped and back at it. I’ve grown up and learned a lot and I’m ready to share my creativity with the world. I appreciate all the support thus far and hope you enjoy following my journey here. Thank you. Follow Fats the Elder on instant gram @fatslikewhoa






by Alyssa Korzis

by Alyssa Korzis

Alyssa Korzis

Alyssa Korzis is an up and coming artist in her own right and looks forward to this opportunity to showcase some of her work. Alyssa has been a student at Skyline College in San Bruno and has contributed to the Biology Department during her studies.







by Lizzie Luna

by Lizzie Luna

Lizzie Luna

Native to South San Francisco, Lizzie Luna was born in 1982. The ‘80s was a decadent era that had a huge influence on Lizzie, with its mix of Lisa Frank, Nintendo, and Disney all exploding with color and creativity. Having won several local art contests in middle school, this atmosphere sparked a continued interest in investing in her artistic growth. While in high school, Lizzie presented at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, which was the first of many shows to come.

Lizzie Luna attended Skyline College in 2000, where biology, life drawing, and Photoshop classes played an important role in her future. While at Skyline, she participated in the San Francisco Naturalist Society, and donated a few of her paintings to raise money for the American Cetacean Society. Wanting to pursue a more modern career, Lizzie Luna transferred to The Art Institute of California – San Francisco in 2003 to improve her proficiency in digital artwork. At AICASF, Luna became the president of the Paint Club and took the lead on organizing her fifth showing.

After graduating from AICASF in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation, Luna began working as a digital and 3D artist. In 2011, Luna made a career change to work under another artist as a muralist, and found a new passion for painting once again. Luna  was part of Project Yellow Balloon, donating a few of her painting to a silent auction for Child Life Department at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland in 2015. Currently working on commissioned work and her own projects, Lizzie Luna hopes to continue working on a side personal project titled ‘Boris the Bunny’, an old stuffed rabbit influenced by Tim Burton, to help abused children cope with the trials of their childhoods.

Follow Lizzie Luna on Instagram: @lunatech_design  Facebook page: Luna Tech Design 

If you would like to inquire about commissions or any past work, send a message to lunatechdesign@gmail.com





About the Venue

Antigua Cafe is a family owned small business located on Grand Avenue offering everything from early morning breakfast to evening librations and everything in-between. A great meeting place for locals, and those fortunate enough to be passing by – go see for yourself! Hosting regular events including Live Music, Meet & Greets & more – CLICK HERE to stay up to date on the local scene

Victor Caicero, owner of Antigua Cafe received the "Emerging Business of the Year" award from SSF Chamber

Victor Caicero, owner of Antigua Cafe received the “Emerging Business of the Year” award from SSF Chamber

Breakfast served at Antigua Cafe, they open at 6am

Breakfast served at Antigua Cafe, they open at 6am












"The salmon" pairs well with a tall glass of Chardonnay at Antigua Cafe

“The salmon” pairs well with a tall glass of Chardonnay at Antigua Cafe

Enjoy amazing salads at Antigua Cafe

Enjoy amazing salads at Antigua Cafe


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