SSFUSD Student Suspensions, Expulsions Show Marked Decrease

South San Francisco, CA   April 29, 2016  Submitted by John Horgan  SSFUSD logo color

The South San Francisco Unified School District has embarked on a major effort to reduce student suspensions and expulsions and to codify new, progressive mechanisms leading to a fresh approach to District disciplinary policies and procedures.


According to District Director of Student Services Ryan Sebers, the emphasis  is on finding and maintaining creative ways to keep pupils engaged and involved in their academic pursuits.


In fact, he reported to the District Board of Trustees during its meeting of April 28, student suspensions and expulsions have already been cut by 65 percent and 50 percent respectively, compared to a decade ago.


With a concerted effort to implement pro-active solutions to issues such as truancy, the aim is to increase attendance through intervention techniques, better communication and a re-written and expanded District framework for dealing with student behavior.


The tentative framework, which has undergone a series of revisions, is expected to be examined again and, perhaps, approved at the Trustees‘ May 12 meeting.


Those wishing to comment on the particulars in the proposed handbook can do so by attending a meeting at 3:30 p.m. May 3 at the District Office, 398 B Street.

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