Congratulations to All Graduates: A Message From Our Mayor

South San Francisco, CA   May 26, 2016

Mayor Mark Addiego with Pre-K student during graduation Photo: Leonard Eng

Mayor Mark Addiego with Pre-K student during graduation
Photo: Leonard Eng

“From our Pre-K through our High Schools, we take pride in our students accomplishments” said Mayor Mark Addiego “The past few years have seen an addition of many great programs from the Big Lift to Future Labs as we work to partner our School District, our City government, and our business partners with our community. And this is just a start. We need to look forward to the future as we work to roll out some new programs.”

Mayor Addiego attended the Pre-K graduation last week which was appreciated by staff and parents. “Such a great city when the Mayor comes to pre k graduation and greets the kids!” Leonard Eng exclaimed  “Thank you Mayor for giving this a nice small town feel.”

“Giving these youngsters the recognition for their successes is important” Addiego said “The first few years of their education sets the path for them. They learn social skills that will help them, not just in the classroom now, but through out their life. We want to support them in learning from the early ages onward  These are our leaders of tomorrow and we want to ready them to work in our local industries and to lead our world. Congratulation to them all”

Everything South City would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our graduates, from Pre-K to High School – we wish you success in your future endeavors! And we thank all teachers, staff, administration, Boards, PTA’s, parents and our community partners for all they’ve done to ready our youth for the next stage in their lives.


To view the graduation of South San Francisco High School Seniors CLICK HERE

To order a full quality HD DVD of the ceremony, please contact the Grad nite committee:

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El Camino High School Salutes Their 2016 Graduates

Congratulation to 2016 Grads!

Congratulation to 2016 Grads!



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