Supervisors Tissier, Slocum and Groom Endorse Helen Fisicaro for San Mateo County Supervisor

South San Francisco, CA      May 2, 2016     Submitted by Fisicaro Campaign Press Release    

cc98cc8c-cfd1-4bf0-a0e0-fb1e77791d86_0Helen Fisicaro has earned the endorsement of 3 of the 5 sitting San Mateo County Supervisors in her race to succeed Adrienne Tissier in the fifth district. Helen announced the endorsements of Supervisors Warren Slocum and Carole Groom along with that of Supervisor Tissier and Congresswoman Jackie Speier before a crowd of more than 150 people at a birthday event, held in her honor, April 28th.

“I am proud and honored that these well respected public officials have decided to join the hundreds of people who back my candidacy and are working to elect me to the Board,” said an energized Helen Fisicaro. “This is just about the best birthday present I have ever received. We continue to walk precincts, leaflet transit stops and meet voters every way we can. “

Supervisors Slocum and Tissier spoke at the April 28th event and expressed their strong support for candidate Helen Fisicaro.

“Helen Fisicaro really has a feeling for people,” said Supervisor Warren Slocum. “Helen is more interested in in finding ways to work together and getting things done, than she is in pushing a self-serving agenda. We need Helen’s voice on The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.”

The Fisicaro campaign is running a strong grassroots and volunteer effort to meet voters and get them out to vote in the June 7th primary. For more information visit


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