Support Our SSF/San Bruno 2016 U-16 Girls Soccer Team Travels to the National Games

South San Francisco, CA   May 28, 2016  Submitted by Patrick Rosenthal

AYSO San Bruno / South San Francisco, U-16 Girls National Soccer Team

AYSO San Bruno / South San Francisco, U-16 Girls National Soccer Team


HELP these Girls Realize Their Dream!!!


We are the San Bruno 2016, U-16 Girls National Games Soccer Team. Our soccer team is comprised of seventeen young women, ages 13 – 15 years old (from South San Francisco and San Bruno), who are all members of the San Bruno American Youth Soccer Organization. We hope you will find it in your Heart to Help Us Realize Our Dream and travel Cross Country to the 2016 AYSO National Games. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Every two years, AYSO holds a week-long soccer tournament /experience called the “National Games.” The National Games is more than just soccer — it is also a cultural exchange involving diverse youth from across the United States; with more than 10,000 participants and family members in attendance. What a Grand Stage for these young women to Showcase their athletic abilities.

The 2016 National Games will be held in West Palm Beach, Florida from July 4 – 10, 2016. Over 160 teams “in our age bracket” applied. We were one of only 24 teams selected to participate. As you can imagine, the girls were delighted to be selected — and are very excited about this experience!

The cost of this experience is approximately $60,000.00. This includes Spring competitions, all equipment, uniforms, fees; as well as airfare , food and lodging for the entire team (including coaches and chaperones). Everyone must pay their own way.

We have two single Parent families who stepped up and accepted two volunteer and/or chaperone positions as well as their daughters who play on the team. One of these families has two daughters on the team. Those families alone must come up with @ $7500.00. As you might expect, many of our families simply cannot afford this level of financial commitment.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE

It is for this reason that I am turning to you for your support in helping the AYSO, San Bruno Riptide reach our overall “team goal” of $60,000.00. We are grateful for donations in any amount. Thank you for your consideration in providing a meaningful donation to our team.

For Direct Donations, email me through this site CLICK HERE.

Please SHARE our story With the World!!!!
Very truly yours,

Patrick O. Rosenthal
Treasurer, San Bruno AYSO U-16 Girls National Team
MMC(SW) U.S. Navy (retired)

***San Bruno AYSO is a non-profit organization (tax ID number 95-6205398). All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Only 35 Days until this group of Young Ladies heads Cross Country to compete in the 2016 AYSO National Games. Won’t you consider helping them reach their Fundraising Goal. If you have already donated or cannot; Please consider SHARING/FORWARDING this to all of your friends and contacts. Your continued support is Greatly Appreciated!

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