Envisioning the Future of the Bay Area: Share your thoughts now!

South San Francisco, CA   June 1, 2016  4

Build a Better Bay Area Quiz

Take this quick quiz to tell us how you would #BuildABetterBayArea!


Your voice is needed to shape how your community looks in 2040!


Step out of your daily routine and think about how you want to get around the Bay Area over the next 25 years. Where should new housing go? What transportation investments and housing policies should we prioritize now to build a better Bay Area for future generations?

The #BuildABetterBayArea quiz is a fun and interactive tool that can help you guide Plan Bay Area 2040, an integrated, long-range transportation, land use and housing plan.

Quiz questions mirror the tough decisions facing the Bay Area as we adapt to the challenges of future population growth.

After completing the quiz, submit your responses and invite your friends to participate, too.

Click here to get started.

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