Full Time Employee Single Mom Seeks Admin Side Jobs to Cover Increased Rent

South San Francisco, CA   June 14, 2016

PREFACE: Everything South City continues to receive multiple inquires daily for low cost rentals and/or additional work opportunities. While many exclaim the country and region’s financial well being is at a high, there are too many neighbors that are not included in that reality. Today we share Brandy’s situation as she looks for work she can do at her home for additional income to allow her and her son to remain in the area as he finishes his high school education. Please note ESC does not vet those who share requests and we encourage our neighbors research as ESC’s purpose is to share information only. 



My name is Brandy. I am a legal secretary working full time, and as a single mom I am currently seeking extra administrative work on the side that I can do from home to supplement my income while my son completes his high school education. I do not want to uproot him during this time and rent increases have me seeking additional income.

Please contact me if you have a need for administrative/ personal assistance, including one time needs or on-going projects. Examples of tasks I am seeking below and I am open to discuss additional services (pet sitting, short errands, etc).

*Word processing (student papers, business reports, data entry, etc)
*Organizing files
*Bill pay
*Additional services – let’s talk!

References available.

Contact: bscheanwald@gmail.com

Thank you for sharing this information with others.

1 comment for “Full Time Employee Single Mom Seeks Admin Side Jobs to Cover Increased Rent

  1. your neighbor
    June 15, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    I feel for her. She’s typically the struggling parent who isn’t be able to afford to live in South City, thanks to the policies passed by our local city council. Their bogus affordable housing that should bring relief for people like her adds to the problem even though they are clamoring to build more , still is unaffordable causing unecessary load to our small community with increased costs, traffic, noise,and yes expense. Our council is out of fresh ideas and ineffective to the needs of this community.

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