Community Meeting on Street Lighting Issues Set for Thursday July 14th

South San Francisco, CA  July 12, 2016

The City will be holding a special Community Meeting on Thursday July 14th in the gymnasium of Martin Elementary School, located at 35 School Street off of Hillside Blvd. The meeting will take place between 6:30-7:30pm. Free parking is available in the school parking lot.

Residents through out the City have expressed disappointment over the new LED lighting that replaced the traditional street lighting and have spoken out strongly at other community meetings, especially during the rash of burglaries that plagued the Buri Buri area. The City then put in a place a pilot program in West Winston Manor, changing out lights in various locations to gain public input.

From this program a group of residents took the lead to learn more about this issue and have continued to express dismay at the City’s selection of lighting. To read more on this subject including neighbor comments and City correspondence please  CLICK HERE  It should be noted some residents have expressed no concerns with this new lighting and do not see a reason for the City to continue to spend money on additional studies. Therefore all voices should be heard at this meeting due to the expenses associated with another pilot program and potential change of current lighting.

The City intends on setting up another pilot program in the Pecks Lot neighborhood, located next to Airport Blvd and Sister Cities Blvd. This area is in a small valley that has increased night lights due to the proximity to Hwy 101 and the high rises in the area with street intersections varying differently than other neighborhoods. These are some of the reasons concerned neighbors do not believe Pecks Lot will benefit the study properly.

Pecks Lot was recently incorporated into the Historic Old Town Homeowner’s and Renter’s Association which is working to re-start after years of dormancy. The neighborhood sits north of the Old Town district.

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Pecks Lot is the proposed neighborhood for the next 'pilot' program on the residential street lighting Photo: Bill Demeter

Pecks Lot is the proposed neighborhood for the next ‘pilot’ program on the residential street lighting
Photo: Bill Demeter

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