South San Francisco, CA      July 20, 2016    Submitted by SSF Neighbor


If any of you live in the South San Francisco area, please be careful out there. Not too long ago, I got back to my car parked along El Camino Real between Arroyo Drive and Kaiser Permanente’s parking structure. When I got back to my car, I noticed what looked like a $100 bill left in my car’s windshield.


This made me nervous so I jumped in my car as fast as I could, locked my doors, and drove away from the street. I parked elsewhere when I took the pictures. When I pulled out the $100, I thought it was real. When I inspected the bill for security features, it’s obvious the money is a counterfeit. I was curious why anyone would leave counterfeit money in the windshield so I searched online.


Here’s what I found: scammers use the fake $100 bill to lure victims out of their cars so they can carjack you when you leave your door open when you get out of the car. It was a good thing I trusted my gut instinct and didn’t reach for the money.


I reported this incident to SSF Police Department already. But to those of you who ever find yourself in this same exact situation, make sure you’re safe! Don’t reach for that money and immediately report it to the authorities close by.



Another neighbor has contacted us with information from SNOPES which shows this study is an urban legend that has been going around for decades. However, our original message was rec’d twice and could be authentic. We will update once we confirm with PD. Thank you.


SSF Police have confirmed this incident was reported and continue to remind neighbors to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to report suspicious or unusual activity to them. July 21, 2016 10:40am

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