Suspects Sought in Theft & Credit Card Fraud

South San Francisco, CA   July 9, 2016 by Dalina Johanna Trejo posted on ESC FB

Image provided by Dalina Johanna Trejo

Image provided by Dalina Johanna Trejo


HELP!! Please share and help find these two lovely ladies!
On July 8, 2016 I went running around Lake Merced in San Francisco. When I came back to my car at 5:30 PM I noticed that they had broken into my car, broke my locked glove compartment, and stole my wallet. They took my credit card and went to the Target in Daly City and purchased $2500 in Target gift cards…and ginger ale. Then they went back into Serramonte mall and tried to buy watches but I had already cancelled my credit card by then. A report has been taken by**PLEASE NOTE**CORRECTION – REPORT TAKEN BY San Francisco Police Department IF YOU HAVE INFO PLEASE CONTACT THEM AT Non-Emergency LINE – 415-553-0123**- thank you. -Dalina Johanna Trejo


SF Police Report #T16019299.

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