Bill to Expand Affordable Housing for Teachers Heads to Governor

South San Francisco, CA    August 29, 2016    Press Release from Senator Mark Leno’s Office 

SB 1413 authorizes school districts to establish housing for teachers, staff

SACRAMENTO – A measure authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and sponsored by the City of San Francisco to expand affordable housing options for teachers passed the State Legislature today. SB 1413 will help California retain quality educators by allowing school districts to establish housing for teachers and employees on district-owned property.

“California’s growing teacher shortage and housing affordability challenges require innovative solutions,” said Senator Leno. “SB 1413 allows school districts to retain quality teachers, reduce staff replacement costs and foster a sense of community by directly addressing employee housing needs.”

SB 1413 establishes the Teacher Housing Act of 2016 to facilitate affordable housing programs for teachers and school employees throughout California. The bill authorizes school districts to establish housing on their property and restrict occupancy to teachers and school employees, while still accessing federal tax credits for affordable housing. It provides clear authorization to school districts and developers to implement these programs, encouraging public-private partnerships and local solutions to keep teachers in their communities.

“This is a major win for San Francisco’s teachers who have struggled, like many, in the current housing climate. SB 1413 delivers on the promise that we are building housing for school district employees – teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators who are dedicated to our students, parents and schools,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, a sponsor of the bill. “We have already identified two possible parcels and SB 1413 allows us to move forward with this much needed housing.”

California has some of the highest housing costs in the nation. This lack of affordable housing creates barriers to effective teaching and teacher retention. Communities without sufficient affordable housing options face high rates of teacher turnover, which is costly for school districts and destabilizing for students. Replacement costs for teachers have been found to be about $18,000 per teacher who leaves.

The bill is supported by a long list of teacher associations, local governments and nonprofits.

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