How Would You Describe South City in Three Words?

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‎Last week Vladimir Funk‎ posted this question to  our Facebook page and the responses were interesting. It seems our foggy cold weather didn’t go unnoticed, but neither did our hard working industrious home grown roots! Please feel free to add yours too!

Hey Everything South City, was just wondering if you can post the following question that I have. I think it would be a great opportunity to inspire thought and community: “If you could describe South City to someone who has never been here, what would be 3 adjectives that characterize South City?”

Carol Turpin wonderful, cool, friendly
Elena Jara Mom and pop , original , charming

Deb Wilborn foggy, modern, diverse

Monica Burke Unique,cold, friendly

Shirley McGill Foggy, cold and safe.

Mason Goldman Windy, cold, comfortable.

Brandi Magner Homey, diverse and comfortable

Patricia Baker Windy and gritty

Valerie Lambertson Historical, safe, wonderful

Judy Albonico Kraus windy, foggy, home!!!

Beata Morena Home Sweet Home

Renee Gomes Friendly, safe, home

Gloria Garcia-Licea Cool, home, everything

Patty Gomez Safe, foggy, and windy

Edwin Tomas Arriola Diverse, windy, little lucca’s

John W. Matney Blue collar soul

Michelle Bissell Morgan Sign Hill, old school, original roots ?

Weinerd Pretzel In da hood

Michele Corum Diverse, community, home

Cristina German It’s Lit bruh
Lynn Wright Architecturally, culturally diverse

Patricia Lorena Castillo Too expensive for me. Love living here

Kevin Mullin Real, Authentic, & Industrious

Danielle Howard Home grown community!

Hawley Pourtau Ssf,4,life…

Patty Martinez Industrial, Coastal, Views ?

Steve Carey Independent, aware, determined

Kimberly Butcher Work in progress

Vladimir Funk homegrown, bold, optimistic

Natalie Peterson Cedeno Close to SF for sightseeing, diverse, safe

Marta Fajardo Sangervasi Windy, cold, gray

Maria D Reynoso Cloudy Close to SF  Diverse

Randy Quok Biotechnology, fog, and the best CERT in the Bay Area.

Amanda Kesner-Hays Biotech, Safe, Home. ❤️

Wes Sharp Better than DalyCity.(I did live there for 25 years).

Maria Alston Hard-working, simple, family-focused

Geralyn Kavanagh Middle class, working class, family .

Avalos Alfredo Candido Nelson Drugs alcohol and cops

Nori Jabba Surprising, growing, business-friendly

Alan Lopez Tacos. Elotero. Tacos

Sharon Sumner Albera Small Town Feeling, Lots to do, Good Neighborhoods

Michelle Staedler-Escude Great place to grow up in.

Dennis McGuirk Family, hard working, friendly just good people

Dee Dee Eller Miss my home town!

Elisa Natalie Familias, hardworking, windy

Bob Padilla The middle of the bay

Maureen Bradley Lynch If I could describe South City… originally from back East and lived in SF.. when we moved to South San Francisco I felt at home… they are down home people.. people I was use to back east…it is close to the freeway for work…and just get diversity.. great place…

Toni Thanos Home grown feeling

Arturo Del Rio Windy, Family, Sandwitches

Tim Martinez Foggy, fun, tuff

Ren Felix- Kader #birthplaceofbiotechnology #diversity #greatcommunity

Anita Marquez South Cool, breezy, community

Diedra Walker Weather, home, comfortable ?

Maggie Granero Unpretentious; gritty; loyal–circa 1977.

Ava Marie Romero It can be chilly but it can be sunny. Great walking distance to farmers market and grocery stores and great public transportation access. New York has subways south san Francisco has samtrans and bart make sense
1. Small City
2. Melting Pot
3. Cold
4. Friendly (correction made)

Rob Bell Quaint Clean Safe

Debbie Aponte-Volkman Best Mexican food

Alan Lopez
1. Elotero lady
3. the tapatilla
4.sign hill
5. Tamale lady

Carmen Rivera Windy & foggy!

Doug Imura Family town , cold

Luis EL Chele Alvarado Paradise

Irma Ruiz Pene Windy , sunny , Home ❤

Sarah Angela Berkeley welcoming, cold, and enlightening

Annie Theodos foggy, tight-knit, rugged

Andy Marie Gonzales Cold, shitty and ratchet, but it’s home! ❤️❤️❤️

King Polothakid Victor ? ? ? lol totally true

Irene Tsobanakis Best. City. Ever. 🙂 I truly love it here. Three words are not enough, but if I had to pick only three words, I’d say refreshing, industrious, congenial. <3

Michele Scott Windy — loud planes — nice town

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