Meet Scott Grindy: Candidate for SSFUSD Trustee (2 year term)

South San Francisco, CA    August 24, 2016 by Scott Grindy

Scot Grindy and his wife Anne, reside on 54' recreational trawler at Oyster Point, marking this off their bucket list

Scot Grindy and his wife Anne, reside on 54′ recreational trawler at Oyster Point, marking this off their bucket list

As a resident of South San Francisco, I bring to this board position what I believe will be an asset to the School Board role in Capital Construction, Facility Maintenance Operations and Security. My background includes 20 years of adjunct college vocational/technical instruction, past Facility and Capital Projects Director for University of Washington Bothell/Cascadia Community College, and as a Director of Facilities for Lake Washington Technical College. More recently the Director of Facilities, and Homeland Security for the Port of Everett, and a volunteer facility board member for Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. Presently I am with City County of San Francisco, as a Manager and Harbor Master and was with San Mateo County Harbor District as a senior executive.

I believe a premier focus of this board role is to inspire our students for both technical, trade and college bound aspirations in a safe learning environment. There is a great amount of opportunity at our own doorstep for the success of our student’s right here in South San Francisco. I have experience with both the educational grant writing such as one with NASA First, where my efforts funded a human size robotic program for a high school, and where the All Girls Team was the first in the USA to compete in regional competition with their robot. We were also featured on National Public Radio, where we were as a team interviewed for an hour on the NASA First program and the influence this program had on an all-girls team of future robotic programmers, engineers and technicians.

My goal includes to support to the South San Francisco Unified School District in improved short and long term facility planning and construction activities with focus on deferred maintenance, strategic planning and goals, with cost effective energy conscious facilities that are well maintained to provide the students the ability to learn, grow and lead our community. In my experience tool box I have also started two school district foundations, and been heavily involved with running start programs, including ORCA (Ocean Research College Academy)

On the “Fun” side of student life I am working presently with Blue Water Foundation with hopes of bringing to the local area a program similar to what is performed in San Francisco and the East Bay, where a large 50 + foot sailboat is provided with local boaters to work with underprivileged youth of our area, where they can learn sailing, team building, and other skills that will last a lifetime, in a forum that is “Fun” while giving them experiences not normally found in their day to day lives.

As parents, we raised 5 children who are now adults and also have 8 grandchildren. All of our kids have gone to public school, and the grandchildren are on the pathway of public school too. We own a home but live on a 54 foot recreational trawler (our bucket list come true) and probably have one of the best local views of San Francisco Bay one could have. We go cruising around twice a month, along with our two terriers, a Scottie and Jack Russell.

We enjoy public service, and the heartwarming outcomes that can come of the work and passion to serve our schools, kids, staff and faculty. I hope to participate in a clean and friendly campaign for the two year School Board Trustee position and role.


Scott Grindy is one of the 2 candidates for the 2 year position on the SSFUSD. (John Baker is the other) Scott may be reached at

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[…] Baker is one of the 2 candidates for the 2 year position on the SSFUSD. (Scott Grindy is the […]

Paula Tichs
Paula Tichs
6 years ago

Yes, let’s meet Scott Grindy and his construction experience. Here’s an excellent example of his “short and long term facility planning and construction activities with focus on deferred maintenance.”

Funny, he doesn’t mention the fact that he’s currently trying to extort money from his former employer. Seems like Mr. Grindy didn’t appreciate being held accountable for his shortcomings, like in the article above. Oddly, now that all all the underperforming employees have been replaced, the new LAFCo report speaks glowingly of the progress the district has made.

Is this really the kind of person you want on the school board? One that’s already embroiled in a tort against his former employer? One that ignores safety concerns and when one is brought to his attention, targets the person who alerted him? I think SSF and its children deserves a lot better.