South City Car Wash Offers ‘Responsible Car Wash Program’ PLUS 20% Discount for Limited Time

South San Francisco, CA     August 7, 2016   Sponsored by South City Car Wash  

Did you know? Taking your car to a commercial car wash fights pollution and saves up to 150 gallons of water per wash.

Did you know? Taking your car to a commercial car wash fights pollution and saves up to 150 gallons of water per wash.

In 2009, South City Car Wash joined the WaterSavers® Program offered by the International Car Wash Association. The program was designed to create a new level of commitment to water quality and conservation by car washes. South City Car Wash is proud to be a WaterSavers® Member.

In 2016 South City Car Wash participated in the San Mateo County RESPONSIBLE CAR WASH PROGRAM and offers 20% discount car washes for customers with a County discount coupon found CLICK HERE  or TEXT ‘CARWASH‘ TO 38470 (between May 1 to August 31 2016.)

In addition to our recycling and water management measures, South City Car Wash routinely performs preventive maintenance on our equipment to avoid spills and leaks. These efforts include checking hoses and nozzles for leaks and wear, sweeping our lobbies and lots rather than spraying them down with water, and using energy efficient towel washing machines.
South City Car Wash knows water is precious. Whether through our Charity Car Wash Program or daily business practices, we strive to make the best use of our water resources and to educate our customers and the public on the value of recycling and proper wastewater disposal. We believe this will directly improve the quality of water in our communities now and for years to come
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)




From Sustainable San Mateo County  Researched by Kimberly Siu

The average at-home wash uses about 150 gallons of water. A typical automatic car wash uses anywhere from 50 to as little as 15 gallons of water for the same (or better) wash. Multiply that savings by the many thousands upon thousands of car washes in San Mateo County each year, and the water savings from using a local car wash over your driveway become clear.


From a water quality standpoint, washing a car in your driveway can have similarly negative impacts. The rinse water that runs off your driveway will flow into a storm sewer and, in most cases, directly to the Bay. That rinse water contains the soaps used in washing with high levels of phosphates. These can contribute too much nutrients to local waters and cause algae blooms in the Bay. Brake dust and oils are also washed off of cars, which can contain heavy metals including lead.


Conversely, almost all car washes are now required to extensively filter (and sometimes recycle) the water that is used in the washing process. The water that is discharged is sent into the municipal sewage treatment system and not the Bay.



South City Car Wash, located at 988 El Camino Real, is a local family owned business that has been part of our community since 1958. We thank them for supporting Everything South City through their advertising with us. Please support those who support us!


Please note South City Car Wash is currently hiring. For more information please go directly to their facility at 988 El Camino Real, applications are taken in person.

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