SSF City Council Extends Term By a Year

South San Francisco, CA    August 27, 2016   Submitted by numbers neighbors – by Austin Walsh San Mateo Daily Journal  REBROADCAST

The terms of South San Francisco Councilmembers were extended for a year by an unanimous vote of the Council on August 24.

Extended from 2017 through 2018 are first-timer Liza Normandy, first elected termer Vice-Mayor Pradeep Gupta, and Mayor Mark Addiego (who has popped-up on the Council periodically since 1980). Long-time members Karyl Matsumoto and Rich Garbarino now have terms which will expire in 2020.

The extension was proposed by Matsumoto, addressing concerns expressed over earlier meetings by Normandy that insufficient time (70 days) remained to implement a campaign for the November 2016 vote. City Attorney Jason Roseberg has informed the Council that CFPPC has identified no concern with this type of extension under SB415, which appears to cover the apparent conflict-of-interest.

South San Francisco joins the San Mateo Union High School and San Mateo County Community College districts as well as the Millbrae City Council as a local elected boards to recently make the jump. The Sequoia Union High School District Board of Trustees has also discussed the transition. In all, there are 12 county jurisdictions needing to consider a similar amendment to their calendar, according to a city report.

Austin Walsh of the Daily Journal reports

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Mark A. Johnson
Mark A. Johnson
6 years ago

No conflict of interest?

Seventy days not long enough to mount a campaign for SSF Council (although it appears to be enough time for US Senate candidates in several seates)?

Who else thinks SSF residents are being denied five years’ worth of opportunity to protest uncontrolled development across the city?

Who agrees with the Council that the problems just beginning in the Airport Blvd. area are negligible?

The construction hazards on Mission Road – which forced the Ornellas from their home and creates daily traffic jams near BART and ECHS – are just a taste of what we’ll see when construction gets underway on nearly 500 units to be built along Airport Blvd. from California to Baden…

And this board will also “rubber-stamp” an expensive and unnecessary Muni-Services building at El Camino/Chestnut.

Fellow SSF residents – they pulled an end-run on us!