An invitation to SamTrans 40 Year Anniversary Celebration September 10th

South San Francisco, CA   September 1, 2016  Submitted by Michael Harris, SSF Resident & Disabled VeteranSamtrans Logo

NOTE: Jean T. Conger, Senior Mobility Project Coordinator for the San Mateo County Transit District invites the public to the 40th Anniversary of SamTrans on September 10th.  The SamTrans Veterans Mobility Corps will have a gift for the first 100 veterans who visit our table. Admission and Parking are free and there will be entertainment for children, and fun for the whole family. Food trucks will be available, but families are welcome to bring their own picnics.

SamTrans is Celebrating its 40th Anniversary, and You and Whole Family are Invited to the Party!  Free Admission and Free Parking!

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The need for transportation for veterans is growing rapidly due to an increase in injuries, including mental health problems, and as veterans of conflicts such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War and others become older.

Public transit saves money,cuts down on air pollution, and doesn’t require reservations. Many of the most popular places in the Bay Area can be reached by public transit, for a fraction of the cost of driving and without the hassle of parking.

The Veterans Mobility Corps is a Vet to Vet program providing free assistance for veterans who can’t drive due to PTSD,TBI or other disabilities.

Veterans learn to ride SamTrans, BART,Caltrain,VTA and other public transit systems in the Bay Area, and stay active, connected and independent.

The unique Vet to Vet program will teach how easy it is to plan trips to medica l appointments, hospitals, shopping,getting to and from work, or just having a pleasurable outing with family and friends.

Our highly trained Veteran Volunteers assist military veterans to discover how accessible, affordable and convenient public transportation is in the Greater Bay Area.

The Veteran Volunteers are carefully screened and trained to work with veterans of any age, and with a variety of disabilities. If you would like to learn more about the Veterans Mobility Corps, or about volunteering, contact Jean Conger at 650-508-6362.



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