Dead Trees Removed From Mission Road

South San Francisco, CA   September 19, 2016 Submitted by Michael Harris


Trees along Mission Road were cleared by the City as they posed fire danger. Photo: Barbara J.


The trees & brush removed had been diseased/ dead. Photo: Barbara J.


This area had become a magnet for trash among the diseased and dead trees. Photo: Barbara J.

The Tree / brush cleanup on Old Mission Road across from Court House started on September 6th, ridding the area of old mangled trees across from Courthouse. The trees were mostly dead and/or diseased and posed fire concerns as well as having been a magnet for trash. In addition, it has been reported homeless encampments had been a problem here for many years. Tom Carney, SSF Safety Inspector, has been working on this issue for a few months, after I brought it to the City’s attention quite a while ago. The ares is now much safer

There are a several property owners. SMC Flood Control District owns some land. This land was slated for the new City Office Complex, Library, PD Station.

We can thank the following for civic improvement:

City Manager Mike Futrell, SSFFD Chief Gerry Kohlmann, SSFFD Marshal Luis DaSilva, SSF Safety Inspector Tom Carney, the Community Preservation Task Force and the ‘Over Da Hill Gang’.

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Joel Casagrande
Joel Casagrande
6 years ago

Half of the trees were native arroyo willow and we’re not diseased or dead. In fact, all of the trees were full of green leaves and have been there for decades. The willows were growing along the historic Colma Creek channel and floodplain. Willows, especially those with green leaves, are not a fire hazard as they will not burn due to their high water content. Sounds more like a homeless issue than anything else. If that’s the case, then try limbing the bottom branches for better visibility, or just leave it alone.

6 years ago

I believe the city is planning to build on that area. (Not dead trree removal.)