Kids Quad Stolen From West Winston Manor Front Yard {UPDATE BELOW}

South San Francisco, CA    September 5, 2016  Submitted by Stephanie Alger Mitchell via ESC FB

Someone stole this 5 year olds quad & baseball gear from West Winston Manor on Labor Day

Someone stole this 5 year olds quad & baseball gear from West Winston Manor on Labor Day


Hi everyone! So someone just stole my 5 year old sons quad off of my brothers walkway in West Winston Manor with his baseball bag. If anyone sees it please let me know. It was running out of battery so no one would have been able to ride it too far. It was up on the walkway and we had ran my son inside for five minutes to use the bathroom. The quad is also extremely heavy and would not be able to just fit in a car. I have attached a picture below. Thank you in advance!


UPDATE: After sharing this on our FB page neighbors shared it 100 times and included some very positive comments from many. Included in those comments was Raquel Cordon-Curtis who wrote “On Friday i can donate 50.00 lets just all pitch in and buy him a new one and restore the faith of humanity”  Below is the conversation that ensued.

David Douglas If someone sets up a GoFundMe I’m in!

Stephanie Alger Mitchell Thank you Raquel that is so so sweet of you, but it is not our neighbors or the publics responsibility to have to replace this because of someone’s bad and heartless decision. We have explained to our 5 year old that it’s ok, that we can not control ot…See More

Everything South City Raquel Cordon-Curtis Your idea is fantastic – Everything South City will kick in $100. Stephanie Mitchell While it may not be the community’s responsibility hopefully if we can all help, your son will learn another lesson – one that there are good people and that they are willing to help others. Please let us know if you are agreeable to this. Thank you. {ksw}

Cindy Alger Everything South City
That is so sweet of all of you.
Thank you ??
Stephane I am in too for $100
Stephanie Mitchell Everything South City thank you so much! We appreciate your kindness and our family thanks you with the utmost sincerity for having us in your hearts. This is a learning experience for all of us. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and willingness to teach our son that there may be 1 person who makes a bad decision, but there are many more who are willing to help. We will agree, but please do not feel obligated to do this everyone’s kind words and sharing has been enough!

Raquel Cordon-Curtis Hi Stephanie, thank you for your kind words, it takes a village to raise a child. Its my pleasure to help restore faith in humanity especially for a child. I want to express to him that there is more good than bad people in this world, and we should pray for those that do harm. Looking forward in helping.

Raquel Cordon-Curtis ESC Can you set up a go fund me account for him, and post it here ?

Everything South City Raquel Cordon-Curtis there is an 8% charge for GoFundMe – to maximize donations what if neighbors wrote a check to Stephanie Mitchell & sent to ESC mailing addy? Or via ESC paypal & we’ll cover the 3% surcharge paypal puts on us…? Your thoughts Stephanie Mitchell & Raquel Cordon-Curtis? {ksw}

Cindy Alger Everything South City
I think that is a great idea
That way there is no extra charges.

I think we should plan a BBQ at Clay Ave Park the day he receives it so you can give it to him and he can see and thank everyone.
This is so kind ?


So to that end we will be accepting donations to give to the Mitchell family to replace the stolen quad and baseball gear for their 5 year old son. Checks can be made out to Stephanie Alger and sent to Everything South City PO Box 852, SSF 94083-0852. 

Donations can also be made via our Paypal with the notation ‘Stolen Quad/Baseball Gear’ and we will be sure the full amount of donations will be given to the Alger-Mitchell family as ESC will absorb the associated fees. 

In line with Cindy Alger’s suggestion, if there is a BBQ planned at Clay Park we will notify everyone so they can attend as well. Thank you to all for bringing out the best of our community! 

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