School District Liaison Subcommittee of the City Council Tuesday September 6, 2016 at 3:30PM at City Hall Conference Room

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Special Meeting Agenda School District Liaison Subcommittee of the City Council

  Tuesday, September 6, 2016   3:30 PM  City Hall Conference Room 400 Grand Avenue South San Francisco, CA

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 54956 of the Government Code  of  the  State  of  California,  the  South  San  Francisco  City  Council   and   South   San   Francisco   Unified   School   District   Liaison  Subcommittee  will  hold  a  Special  Meeting  on  Tuesday,  the  September   6,  2016,  at  3:30 p.m.,  at      City Hall, City Manager Conference Room, 400 Grand Avenue, South San Francisco, California  94080.

Call To Order. Roll Call.

Public Comments.


  1. Motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of May 3, (SEE BELOW)
  1. Update on Workforce Housing (the current survey). (Superintendent Dr. Shawnterra Moore/Trustee Daina Lujan)
  2. Update on community benefits, school plan for beneficial use of funds, fields maintenance, etc. (Trustee Daina Lujan, Vice Mayor Pradeep Gupta)
  3. Update on Athletic Fields. (Michael Krause)
  4. Discussion and ideas to continue to build meaningful relationship and be able to support each other to benefit our community. (Board President Patrick Lucy)
  5. Presentation on Science Garage project construction. (Vice Mayor Pradeep Gupta)








  1. Call to Order. TIME:             4:05 p.m.


  1. Roll PRESENT:       Trustees Lucy and Lujan, and Councilmembers Addiego and Gupta.


  1. Public  None.


  1. Motion to Approve the Minutes of the meeting of October 20,


Motion -Trustee Lucy/Second -Vice Mayor Gupta: to approve the Minutes of the meeting of October 20, 2015.


  1. Childcare MOU

Mr. Krause presented  the update on the MOU and stated that the District had worked  collaboratively with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department on the proposed agreement. He expected  the final document  would be ready for approval  within the next  month.

Boardmembers and staff discussed that the summer school and day care programs are at capacity. Committee Member Lucy concluded that, at Buri Buri, the Parks and Recreation Department   already had  12 kids on the waiting list.   Committee Member  Lucy asked how long it would take   to obtain a license to fill at higher capacity. Parks and Recreation  Supervisor  Cullinan stated it  could take anywhere between four (4) and six (6) months, and the City would also need to have a budget  increase approved  by Council to  staff a larger program.


6. Summer School & Parks and Rec Update.

Sheryl Chan of the District discussed the improvements made thus far to accommodate as many students as possible into summer school programs. She expressed gratitude for the Parks and Recreation Department’s inclusion of the District in conversations regarding the needs of the students of South San Francisco.


7. Measure J

Committee Member Lucy provided an update regarding Measure J. He advised the District terminated its agreement with the construction company with work outstanding at some school sites. He also advised that Project Frog is the building they will use, modular and prefab so that the schools stay the same, looking   similar.

Mr. Krause advised the District’s goal was to have everything done by August 2017, especially at Buri Buri and Parkway.

Discussion  related  to baseball  field improvements  also ensued.


8. SSFUSD & SSF Collaboration on Potential New

An update on after school care in the elementary schools was presented by Mr. Krause as a substitute for Dr. Moore. There was discussion regarding Buri Buri, and other schools that were looking to increase capacity for afterschool care. Discussion also ensued regarding  raising funds  for a new facility for a community center and a new  Genentech   Lab.


9. Availability of Wi-Fi for the community/collaboration with

Various ways of improving the Wi-Fi signal around the City were discussed. Mike Futrell, City Manager discussed an upcoming program  for low income areas in which  South San Francisco was selected to test out ultra-high  speed internet that is  100 times faster than  standard   signals.


10. Use of community benefits

City Manager Mike Futrell began the discussion of permitted use of Community Benefits Fees under the South San Francisco Municipal Code. He stated that City Council was charged with land use policy in the City, to set zoning and density requirements, etc. Mr. Futrell then explained the Community Benefits Ordinance in the City’s Zoning Code. Essentially, the Ordinance provides that developers can request to go outside the zoning parameters with Council approval as long as impact fees are provided. Mr. Futrell referenced the 2.7 million dollar community benefits payment accompanying the Sares Regis Project on the Old Ford Property Site. Pursuant to action of the Oversight Board and City Council respectively, 1 million of this payment would be allocated to the South San Francisco Unified School District. The School District’s spending of the 1 million dollar allocation would be limited to the authorized parameters specified in the City’s Community Benefits Ordinance. Mr. Futrell advised that while


the possibilities were fairly broad, spending would be limited to infrastructure type projects. Further, the fees could not be used for operations or salaries.



Being no further business,  the meeting was adjourned  at 5:11  p.m.

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