URGENT PLEA: Iraq Veteran (deceased) US Flag Stolen From Palm Ave Porch

South San Francisco, CA    September 19, 2019  Submitted by Jim Gibbs



This US Flag, stolen off the porch, belonged to an Iraq Veteran who has since passed. This flag must be returned.

Last night Sunday 9-18-2016 at about 7:10PM, this flag that has great sentimental value and fly’s off my front porch everyday, was stolen off my front porch on Palm Ave. SSF.

One young Hispanic female between 14 and 16 years old did the actual theft and her three male Hispanic friends were yelling Viva la Mexico she was laughing and running off east bound on Palm Ave….

….so this is a plea to my neighbors, if you think you know these young Hispanics or see a flag on a steel pole laying in your backyard or on the street please,  return it to me…this flag was an Iraq veterans flag, he has passed on and I would really like it back…thank you!

God Bless America!

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