Fellow Parents Should Help Each Other Out

South San Francisco, CA   October 17, 2016   Submitted by  Council of Neighborscaring neighbors make good commuhities vertticairesponse

This information has been submitted to us by the Council of Neighbors:

As much as I really love being a dad, I’ll admit it: there are days I get pretty overwhelmed. My kids are constantly going through new changes, facing new challenges, and it seems like every day there’s updated “expert advice” on how to help them cope. How can a parent possibly keep up?

I have a feeling I’m not alone in my frustration, so I decided to take action for us all. I put together some great resources for parents and children of all ages and obstacles, and am passing them along to you in the hopes you’ll find them useful. Any chance you’d consider sharing them, too?

Childproofing Basics

10 Activities to Improve Your Toddler’s Development

Remodeling & Baby-Proofing Your Home

Helping Preschoolers Cope with Separation Anxiety

Tips for Socializing Shy Kids

How to Know if Your Child is a Bully

12 Ways to Help a Teen Handle the Emotional Challenges of Moving

How to Help Kids Adjust to College

When to Cut the Financial Cord on Your Kids

Parental Instinct: Identifying & Stopping Opioid Abuse in Adult Children

With the right parental(liance), we can work together to give our kids only the best!
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