Fundraising Efforts for Alicia Lee- Mother Died in Auto Accident in Brisbane Oct 11th

South San Francisco, CA     October 29, 2016 Submitted by a Brisbane Neighbor – FUNDRAISING LINK HERE

Parents from Alicia's Lipman School are fundraising to help the family after an accident claimed the life of her Mother and left her injured

Alicia survived the deadly accident that took her mother’s life on October 11 in their hometown of Brisbane, CA.

On Mon Oct 10th life was normal for Alicia Lee & her mom Vicki Mares – all that would change in the blink of an eye the following day as a vehicle accident in their hometown of Brisbane took Vicki’s life leaving her daughter motherless and in the hospital suffering from injuries (she is home now).
Those in their immediate community have put together this memorial fundraising effort to help the family as needed. While we cannot bring her mom back to her, our help will make a difference in Alicia’s life – something we would want for our own child if we were suddenly taken away.
Please help if you can, share with others. CLICK HERE for the link to the donation page
Info of the accident has been posted on the Brisbane Police Department FB page:

ALERT: Today at 3:15pm a fatal collision occurred on Bayshore Boulevard at San Bruno Ave. This collision is currently under investigation by the Brisbane Police Department and the San Mateo County Coroners Office and the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office has also been notified. There are road closures for possibly the next 2hrs in the area of Southbound 101 at Airport Boulevard to 3745 Bayshore Blvd (VWR) and southbound San Bruno Ave at Annis Rd. We will update as information becomes available.

The community fundraising page reads: 

‘On Tuesday Oct. 11, a terrible car crash took the life of Vicki Mares, leaving behind her sweet 12 year old daughter Alicia who is a 6th grade student at Lipman Middle School in Brisbane, CA.
Not only did the crash take Vicki’s life, but her daughter Alicia was also injured in the crash and rushed to the ICU at SF General. She is now home expected to make a full recovery but it will take time, physical and emotional support.
This page was set up to help Alicia and her family in whatever capacity might be necessary in the coming months.
Please share and give generously. This is a nightmare no child should need to endure.
Thank you.
The parents of Lipman School Grade 6′

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Alicia Lee
Alicia Lee
3 years ago

I want to thank anyone who has donated to help my cause and to the people who helped set up the fundraiser. It really did make a difference.