Meet SSFPD Officer Robbie Chon

South San Francisco, CA   November 25, 2016   Submitted by Liza Normandy, SSF Councilwoman – originated with City of South San Francisco June 2016 FB post

Officer Robbie Chon, SSFPD Photo: City of SSF

Officer Robbie Chon, SSFPD
Photo: City of SSF


Officer Chon has been an officer for the South San Francisco Police Department since 2004. He is currently working as Traffic Motor Officer and also part of the North Central SWAT Team. Don’t remind his Sergeant about the SWAT thing as he wants 100% of Officer Chon’s time in the Traffic Department, not 95%. Officer Chon is fluent in Korean.

Officer Chon became a Police Officer because he had seen strangers, friends, and family members become victims of crimes, including himself. Officer Chon thought he should do something about it so he can put bad guys in jail. Unfortunately, family pressure kept him from being an officer right away. Officer Chon finished college then worked in banking and high tech companies for many years. One day, Officer Chon’s father passed away due to an accident, and after some time, he thought to himself that life is too short not to pursue his dreams and made up his mind to get into law enforcement. Officer Chon enrolled himself to the Police Academy and was hired by SSFPD when he graduated.

As a Motor Officer, Officer Chon’s primary job is enforcing traffic laws, which includes issuing citations and investigating accidental collisions. In case you didn’t know, that is why Motor Officers issue more traffic citations. Officer Chon has heard every excuses and every derogatory words in the dictionary from people he pulls over. Many people tell him to go arrest murderers instead of wasting time issuing citations. Well, the number of deaths from traffic collisions have steadily dropped, but it is still too high (much higher than homicides). Frankly speaking, being out on the streets and issuing citations causes people to behave.

Officer Chon feels he is making the community a better place to live whether it is issuing citations for infractions, investigating crimes, or arresting suspects for committing crimes. There is nothing more rewarding than to see someone thankful for what he did.

Officer Chon once cited a driver using a cellphone while driving. The driver asked for a break, but Officer Chon couldn’t because it was during “Distracted Driver Month” Campaign. The following month, he cited the same driver for not wearing his seatbelt. The driver asked for a break again, but Officer Chon couldn’t because it was during the “Click It or Ticket” Campaign.
When Officer Chon is not at work, he enjoys various outdoor activities. He loves skiing and riding his road bike. He hopes to get a decent mountain bike soon and go ride on the dirt trails.



Officer Chon was brutally assaulted on Thanksgiving Day while on duty in the downtown area. He has sustained major head trauma and is in critical condition at this time. More can be found HERE. A GoFundMe has been set up by fellow officers to help the Chon family which can be found HERE. Please keep Officer Chon, his family and all our law enforcement officers in your thoughts & prayers.

The suspect has been arrested and is currently being held without bail in the SMC jail.

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  1. Steve Carey
    November 26, 2016 at 12:00 am

    Debbie Carey and I are feeling grief with this news. We are praying for this officer and for his family. We support all of the people who work with our police department and remain available to help in anyway we can.

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