Remembering SSF Residents on All Souls Day Submitted by Elizabeth Nisperos

South San Francisco, CA  November 8, 2016  bu Elizabeth Nisperos

Every  November 2nd  South San Franciso parishioners and residents are honored in at 7:00 pm mass St Veronica’s Church  followed by  a reception for the families who lost their loved ones.While designing the program to list the  residents, who onced walked on South San Francisco ground,  who were our neighbors, friends, family. I felt a sadness about the loss of their presence while creating the design. Then a poem crept into my imagination, these SSF folks just had a change of address, like they’d  moved to another state or city. I’m not including the current list of names because I’ve to ask permission from their families to list them but I’m dedicating my poem below to public folks who  served  our City:

Mayor and Fire Chief Jack Drago, Mayor Joseph  Fernekes, Mayor Gus Nicolopulous, Planning Commisioner & SSF Unified School District Board Member Rick Ochsenhirt , Cutlural Arts Commissioners (Marie Peterson, Anne Waters, Shirley Nichols, Joy  Ann Wendler, Al Dimminger), Harbor Commissioner Leo Padreddi and many more.

I remember most my friend Betty Wolfe who  was always leading the Holy Rosary every Saturday, who was  sweet, kind, and cheerful.  She was very happy when I wrote a poem for her 50th wedding anniversary.

Please enjoy my poem dedicated to all.


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