Letter to the Editor: SSFHS Traffic Concerns on ECR

South San Francisco, CA    December 13, 2016  by a SSF Resident

El Camino at Ponderosa is the entrance into SSFHS where traffic backs up during school drop off/ pick up times.
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I am not sure if this is a city or police issue or both. My son has attended South San Francisco High the last 3 years and is getting ready to graduate. Every morning when I bring my son to school there is always a traffic disaster waiting to happen between 8 am and 8:20 am. If you have camera’s at Ponderosa leading into the school parking lot,you will see what I mean.
This morning when I was taking my son to school (northbound El Camino) I 6 cars blocking the El Camino to the entrance to the school. These cars were clearly in the intersection (2 deep at one point) and traffic could not move down El Camino. The way the lanes were blocked off,would make it very hard to say the least for a emergency vehicle to get by.


Then while I was leaving the school lot, I witnessed again,several vehicles go from the turn or straight into the school lane,go to the turn only lane and proceed to go head on with traffic turning to the left (or south) as you exit the school. Vehicles that are in the correct lane off of Ponderosa,going north on El Camino,block the site of the vehicles going south bound.


This really needs to be addressed before there is a bad accident that could be avoided. I have not seen SSF PD at this intersection. If that is not possible the city might consider a sign reminding people the fine for both blocking a intersection and making a illegal unsafe turn in and out of lanes. Hopefully this will be addressed before someone gets hurt.

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  1. Cynthia Marcopulos
    December 14, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    I can appreciate the traffic is getting horrendous and it will get worse, believe me, with all the developments that are planned that haven’t even begun to be constructed.

    I live in West Winston Manor and the right turn lane going south from Target at Hickey and Junipero Serra is a nightmare. Cars roll or speed right through the arterial stop sign nearly hitting anyone exiting the cemetery side of West Winston Manor going towards the 280 onramps and they also try to race you as you’re making the left from Junipero Serra onto Hickey nearly causing a collision.

    Now the traffic lights are programmed to let only 3 – 5 cars go at one time which causes major backups throughout the city, especially at El Camino and Westborough.

    And, I think it’s “nice” that the PD has 2 – 3 officers posted on Westborough Blvd. with a big flashing sign over 20 feet ahead telling speeders they’ll be ticketed, but I insist if there were an officer posted at Longford on the cemetery side where he can see (we’ve already tried this and the officer could see) every car that rolls through the arterial stop sign, our City coffers would be brimming over with extra fine fees.

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