Middle of the Night House Fire on Bay Park SSF

South San Francisco, CA    December 17, 2016  

A middle of the night fire caused extensive damage to this Bay Park home
Photo:Mario Urroz‎

**FIRE ALERT** Our SSF neighbors at 61 Baypark appear to have suffered extensive damage to their home due to the 2nd alarm fire that broke out in the middle of the night (4:30am). We hope they are doing OK & ask neighbors to let us know if there is anything the community can do to help them during this time. Thank you to Mario Urroz‎ who alerted us to this & for the photo share.

While we do not know what caused this fire, this is a good opportunity for ESC to remind all neighbors about fire safety during the holidays. These tips come from Chief of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District:
Among the facts the district wanted to get across:

● Christmas tree fires are four times more likely to result in a death than other home fires.

● Holiday decoration fires are most commonly caused by proximity to a heat source such as a candle. The top three days for candle fires are Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve.

● Holiday cooking fires are most commonly caused by unattended cooking. Top three days for cooking fires: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.

Safety tips

● Keep Christmas trees well hydrated and don’t use damaged lights or extension cords.

● Do not place candles near holiday decorations or combustible sources such as curtains.

● Keep combustibles away from cooking areas and keep an eye on what is cooking.

● Test smoke detectors by pushing the test button.

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