Safeway Shopping Center On Hold Once Again

South San Francisco, CA    December 17, 2016  City of SSF  

Centennial Village (Corner of El Camino Real/Spruce Ave.) Update

This project remains on hold. The design and scope remain the same, however the developer is performing additional engineering work to address some issues. The developer plans to approach the City Council in early 2017 to request an extension to the development agreement.

About this project:

Centennial Village will be a mixed-use project, which will include 285 apartments, as well as 220,000 square feet of retail – including a new Safeway, Ross Dress-for-Less, a fitness club, and several shops and food retailers.

View from Spruce Ave

The Centennial Village will replace the Safeway Shopping Center on Spruce at El Camino

2 comments for “Safeway Shopping Center On Hold Once Again

  1. Disgruntled Citizen
    January 2, 2017 at 11:27 am

    Unbelievable! Will this project be completed by the end of this decade? Is this ineptitude by the developers? This project site is a terrible eye sore! I have had many friends who live outside of South City, make comments on how bad the area looks now. It looks old, abandoned, and dirty for some time now. It’s disgusting! Not having a grocery store and drug store close by makes it difficult for our citizens, especially our seniors. Also having the health club nearby was very convenient. All this with ample parking. Now we have to travel father out into busier and more cramped areas.

    Where are the city officials and why are they not doing something about this? The City was quick to get a new tax initiative on the ballot and put lots of energy to get it passed. How about using the same energy on getting this project back on track and completed? Whether it is the developer, PG&E, or other entities, I expect my city officials to do their job and get this project moving forward.

  2. Thank You
    January 30, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Any updates on the status of this project?

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