SSF Scavenger Solutions for Holiday Green Trash- Including Your Christmas Tree Pick-up for FREE

South San Francisco, CA    December 22, 2016 

The season of giving is a wonderful time of year yet we find it can generate a lot more garbage for neighbors to dispose of. The SSF Scavenger Company is offering FREE tree pick up after the holidays once again this year. Simply remove all decorations and place tree out near your curb on your regular collection day (before 5am). Trees must be shorter than 6 feet tall. Do not tie or bag your tree. And for those who live in multifamily residential complexes, a special tree collection day can be scheduled for your entire complex. Your property owner or manager should call to schedule. 650/589.4020.

Everything South City joins in with our Scavenger company asking that our neighbors continue to be mindful of organic waste and to toss all your holiday food scraps in your GREEN bin for pick up. And all those wrappings from all those gifts – yep, toss them in the recycling bin as we all work to reduce waste in our landfills.

To get more tips check out SSF Scavengers on their website HERE and follow on FB HERE


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