Dahlias in Winter: A South City Gardeners Delight

South San Francisco, CA    January 3, 2017  by Sonny Koya

I have been growing dahlias in my home garden for over twenty five years. For the first time nature surprised me with beautiful dahlia blossoms in winter. I have had beautiful purple flowers from well before Christmas to now, after New Year’s Day. I don’t claim that this only happened in my garden, but this is certainly a first for me. The temps lately fell to around 40 degrees.


My dahlias normally bloom and thrive in the warm summer months. Surprising as it may be for me, I am thoroughly enjoying the color and elegance of these colossal flowers. The winter ants also feel the same way – I think. Those crawlers are well embedded at the bases of the petals, enjoying the sweetness. And I am leaving them alone – nature’s gift to them as well.
Below are pictures of my beautiful “winter dahlias.”


“I am thoroughly enjoying the color and elegance of these colossal flowers.” said South City gardener Sonny Koya. Photo: Sonny Koya


The magnificent gift of winter Dahlias
Photo: Sonny Koya


“This is the first time in over 25 years that my Dahlias have bloomed in the winter” said Sonny Koya


Sonny Koya with Mayor Pradeep Gupta in 2013
Photo: ESC


As a community leader, Sonny Koya is an appointed member of the SamTrans Citizens Advisory Committee, and is a founding member of the South San Francisco Community Emergency Response Team. Koya has also taken a leadership role in establishing the Paradise Valley Neighborhood Network where he resides and nurtures a bountiful garden all year round. 

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