Local Widowed Mom Needs Our Help!

South San Francisco, CA   January 18, 2017 

EDITORS NOTE: While we work to highlight Everything South City we do recognize our neighboring communities and share information worthy of our neighbors here in SSF. This plea came to us by a family member who has witnessed the devotion, sacrifice and love this woman has given to all who have crossed her path in her home town of San Bruno, in Millbrae and to South City – and beyond. We continue to keep Kathi in our thoughts that her road become a bit easier, thanks to good neighbors near and far. None of us is immune from needing help. MORE INFO/ DONATE HERE

Kathi has spent a lifetime helping others. Now she needs our help.

Kathi’s Home Repairs: Flood Damage

The staff of Green Hills School is writing this GO FUND ME request with the hope that we can help the life of a woman who has spent her life helping others.

Kathi Woodall’s home was flooded in our recent winter storms. She lost three rooms in her basement and many of the items that were in them. She needs to pay for a dumpster for clean up, a storage of her salvaged items, demolition of the interior walls and repairs to the exterior and interior of her home. Her home insurance does not cover any of these expenses.

We are hoping to raise $20,000.

If you do not know Kathi, please read the story below, so that you will see why she is so important to the staff and students at Green Hills School, and why we are asking for your support.

Kathi Woodall is the administrative assistant at Green Hills Elementary School in Millbrae, California. She is the glue that holds our school together. Her kindness and compassion sets the tone for our school. Her dedication and organization is what makes our school run smoothly. Kathi goes out of her way to help anyone who needs it, but always in a quiet unassuming way.

Kathi Woodall officially joined our staff in 2007, a few years after her husband passed away. He died suddenly when their youngest child was a toddler. Having to raise nine children on her own, on an administrative assistant’s salary, was not easy. Kathi never complained. She watched every penny, saved anything that could be reused and wasted nothing.

Her history at Green Hills started when she attended as a student. She then sent all nine of her children through our school. As a parent, she volunteered constantly, chaperoning trips, organized art projects, and working at special events. She did much of this work with one of her younger children on her hip. Everything she does is done in a quiet way, never wanting praise or attention.

She brings all that she is to us at Green Hills and we reap the benefits. Kathi is so loved at our school for all she is and all she does, that we want to find a way to help her through this difficult time.

Any contribution that you can give will be greatly appreciated and be put to very good use.

The Staff of Green Hills School



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