SSFPD Media Release: Robbery, Providing False Name to Police Officer

South San Francisco, CA    January 9, 2017   Submitted by SSFPD  

On Friday January 6 at approximately 9:40 a.m. a transient female entered a grocery store on the 300 block of McLellan Drive in South San Francisco, selected three items off the store shelves, and left the store without paying the full amount owed. When confronted outside the store by store personnel, the subject refused to pay any more money or return items. When  a store employee  attempted  to take the items back from her, the subject swung at the employee,  attempting  to punch  her.  The store employee was not harmed  during the incident.


When being questioned by police shortly thereafter, the subject provided a false name to police officers. The subject was ultimately arrested for strong-arm robbery and providing a false name to police officers. The subject was transported to the County Jail in Redwood City where she is being held on $50,000.00  bail.

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