SSF Rolls Out “Adopt a Storm Drain” Program

South San Francisco, CA   February 23, 2017 City of SSF Press Release  

EDITORS NOTE: The major storms that have left much of our state incompactated has not come close to any of the damage our City sustained in the December 2014 flooding and we need to give credit to our SSF Department of Public Works for the proactive work done to reduce many of the concerns. In addition this ‘Adopt a Storm Drain’ will also help keep our Colma Creek running cleaner as it heads out to the Bay. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION!!  To view some of the damage from 12/2014 CLICK HERE. For those that remember, the 2014 storm damage even closed our local schools.  To view the  City YouTube video on this new program CLICK HERE

The City of South San Francisco’s Public Works Department, led by Councilmember Mark Addiego, has kicked off an “Adopt a Storm Drain” initiative to help keep South San Francisco beautiful. Keeping the city’s drains open is especially important during the fall and winter rainy season when debris can clog drains and can cause street and sidewalk flooding.

“I’m personally very excited about this initiative, as it gets our community involved in helping keep our City clean and safe,” said Councilmember Mark Addiego. “Doing little things like picking up trash and litter will go a long way in helping prevent future flooding in our City.”

The City is looking for volunteers who are willing to keep storm drains free from litter and debris by simply picking up garbage from an adopted drain when you see it. You can select a drain that’s right outside where you live, and the City will provide you with all of the necessary materials to help you do this!

Councilmember Addiego is featured on video showing (CLICK HERE) people how easy it is to sign up and adopt a drain. To incentivize people to sign up, for the month of February, everyone that signs up to Adopt a Storm Drain will receive a South

San Francisco rain poncho, in addition to a box of supplies and advice on how best to keep storm drains clear.

How do I sign up?

The process is easy. Simply go online at and enter in your contact information and pick from a neighborhood picture, what drain you’d like to adopt.

If you prefer to have someone help you “Adopt a Storm Drain”, please contact or call (650) 877-8550.

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