Construction of Final New Buildings at Buri Buri Elementary School is Ready to Start

South San Francisco, CA   March 13, 2017 Email from Bill Savage, SSFUSD  via Mike Harris

Good morning! This email is going out the Buri Buri Elementary neighbors who attended our last neighborhood meeting in 2016. The school district is pleased to announce that we are getting ready to start construction on the final phase of work on Buri Buri. Construction is set to begin the last week in March on the new Multi-Purpose Building, New Library and Exploratorium Building and the construction of a new parking lot with driveway and drop-off. The construction is anticipated to be completed by December of this year. The school district completed a public bid process and selected Vila Construction of Richmond as the new Contractor. Our Project Manager, Victoria Vargas is included on this email, she will be our on-site construction staff. If you need to reach her with any concerns call us at 650-246-5978. We’ve included City staff on this email and will be working closely with the City to ensure that the work does not impact area residents.

We know this has been a long process, and we are grateful for your support and patience. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns, and if there are any issues during construction please call us at 650-246-5978. Thanks again, Bill Savidge

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Peggy Deras
Peggy Deras
4 years ago

I’d be interested to know if they plan to erect more of those tacky pre-fab structures, or stick building them from scratch. I’d like to see plans, elevations and perspective drawings of the campus, the parking lot/dropoff, and these new buildings.
I requested the same in the months before they started the original phase. They never complied with my request, instead referring me to a generic drawing of a building by the manufacturer.
I’ve said before that Buri Buri Elementary now looks like a penal institution. Please don’t add more of the same.