Downtown SSF Development Construction Impacting Residents

South San Francisco, Ca     March 20, 2017 

With multiple development projects underway in the downtown area of South San Francisco, residents are adversely being impacted by commercial vehicles where they do not belong in addition to blind corners due to covered fencing in the area, as South City neighbors report today.  Today alone we received two messages from neighbors seeking solutions as these, and other, projects get underway in their neighborhood.

While South City officials continue to attract more businesse, regional agencies demand we also supply housing. Below is some information about the downtown area yet the biotech/East Grand continues to grow even faster. One thing for sure, this is not the same City your parents grew up in! With the new residential units coming we have to wonder – will this City be the place we, or our children, can afford to remain. The City has done quite a bit of outreach through the past decade and some information can be found on this link CLICK HERE. In addition the City has been responsive in adding Construction News as part of their website with contact information.

Many are complaining about the huge impact this will have on existing residents even while acknowledging the benefits of  ‘sprucing up some areas’. The one project that neighbors have been looking forward to seeing completed is the long awaited Safeway Store to be replaced in the ‘new’ Centennial Village at 180 El Camino Real. Recent City reports show this project will once again be detained for up to a year or longer (CLICK HERE).

On March 2, the Planning Commission reviewed and considered the developer’s request to amend its development agreement and extend its deadline to begin construction within 12 months. The Planning Commission made its recommendation to the City Council and the City Council is set to review the recommendation on March 22 during the City Council meeting, which is held at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Services Building, 33 Arroyo Drive, South San Francisco.

****UPDATE THUR MAR 23rd: Update on Centennial Village by Jaime González: Last Night March 22nd, City Council denied 3rd Amendment to take away some of the Prevailing Wage agreed upon by Developer. Instead voted to go into default proceedings. Developer has 30 days to come up with new plan. After 30 Days, city will vote to cancel project.


With the multitude – and size of – all these projects along with limited City staff, it is important that residents communicate with City officials the concerns they are seeing in their area or in their travels with hopes some of these issues can be resolved. We often hear that City staff does not live here therefore there is no incentive for them to address our concerns; however our elected officials are our neighbors. Click on the names to connect with your elected officials directly:

Mayor Pradeep Gupta, Vice Mayor Liza.Normandy@ssf.netCouncilmember Karyl Matsumoto, Councilmember Rich Garbarino, Councilmember Mark Addiego


Today our downtown neighbors shared concerns: “Who should I contact about my concerns regarding not being able to see oncoming traffic while driving down Cypress since they put up that solid green material over the chain-link fences around the old Ford site?” Angela Rudoni inquires  “Very dangerous since they don’t have to stop and now you can’t see them coming!”

Regarding the commercial vehicles in areas they do not belong Yessenia Solis says “I usually don’t complain but this is happening more often now and I seriously am over it. I live on Armour Ave. with Cypress ave and Airport Blvd as my cross streets. There are many different commercial vehicles coming through Cypress Ave, and turning into Armour ave. towards Airport Blvd.


Now there are signs that say NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES IN RESIDENTIAL AREA, and they are being ignored all the time. They get stuck in the corner and then they need people to move their cars (which are parked on the street) if the owners happen not to be around they risk their cars being hit.”

“This happen today. Almost hit the car right infront of my house and the one on the other side. This truck got on the curb as well, and almost hit 5 cars along Armour ave towards Airport Blvd.” Yessenia Solis shares.



Below please note the areas of development currently in process in the Downtown area as published on the City website CLICK HERE which includes more detailed information including contacts for construction issues:

Construction Hotline: (650) 829-4600. You can leave a message and your call will be returned within 48 hours per the City website.

Email questions to Feel free to include so we can follow along with the outcome & progress and sharing the information with our larger community. 

Website: The City website is frequently updated with the latest construction information available, along with an interactive map identifying projects going on in the City.


Major Downtown Developments In Progress


Source: City of SSF


616 Maple Ave: at Hawthorne  3-story, 5 residential units with a level parking garage on a 10,500 SF lot. (under review)

Address 616 Maple Ave





Source: City of SSF


*Wynd Fair Complex: 3-story, 5 residential units with a level parking garage on a 7,599 SF lot. Address 840 Linden Ave (Armour)






Source: City of SSF


*Cypress Ave between Grand & 3rd Lane: 5-story mixed-use development consisting of 46 apartments and approximately 6,000 SF of commercial space on a 20,198 SF lot Address 255 Cypress






Source: City of SSF

*Rotary Senior Housing:5-story, 81 senior residential units with a single-level parking garage on a 24,500 SF lot  Address 300 Block of MillerAvenue






Source: City of SSF


*Sares Regis (former Ford Dealership): 7-Story, Two residential buildings with 260 Units on the corner of Aiport & Miller Avenue & 12 townhomes at 216 Miller Avenue on a 2.34 acre site on a 101,980 SF lot  Address Airport/Miller Ave






Source: City of SSF


*Pinefino (Airport/Cypress/Baden/: 5-story, 69 residential units with a single level parking garage on a 30,144 SF lot  Address: 211 Airport Blvd 






Source: City of SSF

*488 Linden: 5 story residential development consisting of 38 apartments with mechanical parking lifts on a 14,000 SF lot Address:488 Linden






Source: City of SSF

*150, 178 and 190 Airport Blvd up against freeway: 5-story residential development consisting of 157 units with a 2-level parking garage






Source: City of SSF

Days Inn: Construct 12 additional guest rooms to the second and third floor of an existing 24-room hotel. Address 1113 Airport Blvd (Butler)






Source: City of SSF


*Circle K Gas Station/Convenience Store (previously a gas station): Corner of Grand & Airport Blvd Address: 221 Airport Boulevard





Source: City of SSF


180 Airport Blvd: 5,500 SF retail building for three retail tenants with associated parking & site improvements Address 180 Airport Blvd




Source: City of SSF


Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites: 5-story Hotel with 128 rooms on a 64,117 SF lot Address: 127 West Harris (East of Grand)





Source: City of SSF


*Caltrain Station Improvement Project (Airport/Grand/Executive Way): Project will realign the station to allow easier pedestrian access to downtown, as well as improve station safety and disabled access. An underpass and plaza will be constructed to allow pedestrians access from downtown to the newly renovated station and to the east side of US 101.




Source: City of SSF

*Linden Avenue Complete Streets, Pedestrian, and Bike Safety Improvements:This project will design improvements along Linden Avenue from Aspen Avenue to Miller Avenue. Elements include new intersection bulb-out with Low Impact Development treatments and landscaping, high visiblity cross walks, ADA curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, median pedestrian refuge islands, and the installation of a Class II Bike Lane with Signage.

Address 400,500,600 Blocks of Linden Avenue



Source: City of SSF


Costco Business Center:Re-use of existing commercial building (LEVITZ) as a new 111,141 SF Costco Business Center on a 7.6 acre lot. Address 900 Dubuque Avenue





Source: City of SSF

Next to Trader Joe’s off Mission: 20 condo units with approximately 6,000 SF of commercial space on a 1.41 acre site

1300 Mission Road




Map outlining new developments in downtown
Source City of SSF

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