Evolve Training Center Offers Two Week FREE Boot Camp Intro BOOT CAMP FOR A CAUSE

South San Francisco, Ca   March 7, 2017 Submitted by Evolve Training Center


One of the best ways to stay focused, get results and make a difference is to workout for a cause. The Ultimate Boot camp will provide that.

Come to a 2-week sneak peak free trial period to see if you are willing to commit to the 8-week game changer. It is designed to reach your fitness goals while supporting and bringing awareness to the community about mental health disorders. $50 of your registration fee will be donated to the Mental Health Association of San Mateo County.

We are a community, we stand together and provide the support that others need to know that they are not alone. You may have a family, friend or even yourself who may be struggling with mental illness such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, panic attacks or self image. Whether we realize it or not, it affects any or all aspects of one’s life. With your dedication, commitment and drive to make a change, it can inspire others, as well as bring awareness to the community.
Together we can make a difference. Together we can be a voice. Together we are strong.



The Ultimate Bootcamp for a Cause details:

Register for a time (6am, 12pm, or 5:15pm). Attend as many classes as you are able.
Class schedule:
Monday and Wednesday- Boxing for Fitness
Tuesday and Thursday- Strength and Conditioning
Friday- Recovery and Mobility
Saturday- Boxing for Fitness or Strength and Conditioning

Incentives for the 8-week Game Changer:
*Attend 67% (32) of total classes (48 for 8 weeks) and get $50 back from your initial fee. You read it right! You workout and you are rewarded. You can’t beat that.
*Each class you attend will count for a raffle ticket that will increase your chances to win in the cash raffle at the end of the 10 weeks. (Up to $1000 in cash prizes)
*Refer 5 friends that join the 8-week game changer and your registration is free.

Personal benefits
• Develop a healthy lifestyle
• Have a balanced workout program
• Be a part of an awesome community
• Get a great workout while supporting a cause
• Inspire or be inspired
• Achieve your summer “bod”




Evolve Training Center  

170 South Spruce Avenue Suite D

South San Francisco, CA 94080

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